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Thursday, March 11th 2004

2:15 PM

March 11, 2004

One purpose for this web journal will act as a 'review' of both my manuscript, 'Atlantis Rising; A Starseed's Journey'', and the 'Gallery Archives', spanning the almost eight years of this web sites exsistence. One of the goals of SunSpirit Gallery for this year is to publish my manuscript, as well as have the Gallery Archives entierly reposted on this web site dating back to 1998. One of the reasons for this is that these writings collectively represent a documented reflection of an emerging consciousness during what I feel is one of the most tranformative periods of thought, culture, and collective awakenings on earth. Over time, this review will put many of the Gallery's documentations into perspective, and connect the sometimes seemingly disconnected portions of writings, into one cohesive whole.

One of the biggest challenges I have had to deal with over time within this web site, is where to post my personal thoughts and contemplations on current events, and where to separate 'business'. For those that are familiar with the material contained within this web site, you understand that it is a lot more than a collection of pretty pictures. From the beginning, I have used this web site as a 'home base' of sorts, documenting not only my personal growth as a human being, but also as a Lightworker, an Artist, and due to a very deep ingrained sense of social responsibility, an active participant, at times against high odds and at a very steep price, in a collective re-awakening of planet Earth during the turn of a new millenium and beyond.

Another purpose for this web journal is to continue on with the ever recurring synchronistic discoveries that I find through my reading and research. For those that have read the beginning of my manuscript, you may have discovered a term I have used at times describing the process that I re-discovered and  put into practice during the course of documenting my entire manuscript and more,...Stichomancy.

This process is the use of books as a 'channeled source' of an intelligent consciousness beyond oneself (or part of a higher self)  to convey, guide, lead, teach, and discover information. Think of what you may of this, but after eight years of dealing with this process, I am throughly convinced that this process exists in one form or the other and is very real thing. What I contain within my manuscript is only but a brief part of this process that I have shared publicly in the past and have continued to experience, especially during the course of the last four months, in which I have had very little interaction with writings within this web site due to the extreme amount of time dedictaed to the business aspect. These lessons, research, and experiences have been so relevant that I can no longer deny their importance and must find a way in which to process this information.

So it is. This journal will delve into some of the most synchronistic recurrings of the most recent research and readings that I have been processing since last November beginning with the movie 'The Matrix Revolutions', and books by David Icke, 'The Biggest Secret' and 'Tales from the Time Loop', along with the most current book by Dan Brown, 'The Da Vinci Code' and a related book first published in the eighties in which I have just begun to read entitled, "Holy Blood Holy Grail'. I will write about these synchronistic events that deal with recurring subjects over and over again, at times with startling coincidences that make anyones hair stand on end.

One of these recurring themes is the Merovingian Bloodline.


To be continued......


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